Trent Williams

Trent Williams


  • Offensive tackle
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Nike
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  • 6-5
  • 320lb

Trent Williams is a dominant offensive tackle who anchors the San Francisco 49ers offensive line. Williams has the credentials to be considered one of the best players in his position racking up ten Pro Bowl appearances and being named on an NFL All-Pro team 3 times in his career.

When it comes to the football gear Trent Williams wears on the field, the former Oklahoma Sooners football player wears Nike cleats. He has most recently been seen wearing the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 cleats.

What cleats does Trent Williams wear?

Trent Williams Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 Cleats

Trent Williams’ Cleats – Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3

Trent Williams rocks the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 cleats, an evolution in Nike’s Alpha Menace cleat lineup. These cleats have 3 things every pair of cleats should have which is support, stability, and traction.

Here’s a little more detail about Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3’s. The cleats features Nike’s innovative Flyknit material that provides comfort and a durable layer over the lacing system for extra protection. The Ghost Lacing system ensures a snug, comfortable fit while the specially designed plate offers stability and aids propulsion. The stretch-knit cuff and lightweight foam midsole add ankle support and cushioning.

Nike also gave these cleats a X-Frame bottom which allows for swift maneuvers, and wider studs that facilitate sharp cuts. The Alpha Menace Pro 3 is just what a pro footballer like Williams needs for his game and he’s usually seen wearing 49ers colored versions!